Academ Consulting Services

An Internet Expert:

Stan Barber, Proprietor of Academ Consulting Services, has been working with TCP/IP for more than 30 years. During that time he has diagnosed and effectively resolved a wide variety of problems. He has been using, advocating and deploying IPv6 for more than ten years.

A Network Expert:

With more than 30 years working with Ethernet and traditional TDM technologies as well as experience with ATM, ISDN, SONET, various flavors of 802.11, DWDM and FTTH, Stan has worked on networks large (50,000 servers and 5,000 routers and switches) and small.

A Unix Expert:

Starting with MASSCOMP microcomputers running a version of Unix System III, Stan Barber has been a system administration on Unix and Unix-like operating systems (and Windows, too!) for almost 35 years. He has bootstrapped Solaris, Linux, Windows Server, System V and various forms of BSD on servers from the days of the Digital PDP-11 up through the Intel i7.